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Product PR

Effective product PR leads to purchasing decisions. Precise media coverage, whether digital or analog, will help your product become a star in a competitive market environment. The products' performance and value propositions convince your target groups, who are addressed via precisely selected media and channels. M2 Maydell increases the relevance and attractiveness of your products for your target groups.


Brand PR

A coherent perception of your brand strengthens the incentive to buy and creates the connection between product and company. Target group trust is generated via the characteristics of your brand, orientation is created and assurance is conveyed. M2 Maydell communicates your brands for sustainable customer loyalty.

Corporate PR

We strengthen and develop the public standing of your company. We accompany changes with strategy and effective implementation, present milestones, communicate the value chain, corporate values and performance. M2 Maydell gives your company visibility and credibility.

CEO Positioning

Our CEO positioning follows a strategic approach to defining and leveraging your executive's personal brand. In the corporate context, we create opportunities to tell your stories and charge them with strategic objectives. M2 Maydell strengthens your executive's personal branding as a competitive advantage for your company.


Reputation Management

A good reputation management is part of our holistic PR approach. We manage your reputation at a high level and avoid possible misinterpretations in advance with clear messages. Our market monitoring helps to act effectively after strategic analysis. M2 Maydell protects and strengthens your reputation on a long-term basis.

Crises PR

In crises PR we rely on theme-based preparation and defined processes. We inform, reduce fears and create a basis of trust with stakeholder groups. Our market monitoring is part of our early detection for crisis prevention. M2 Maydell acts quickly and effectively through solid networks - for your protection.

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